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For Saturating Our Community With Their Greasy Behavior
Jewish Women Watching announces the First Annual

Greasy Latke Awards

Federation System: The Reinforcing the Glass Ceiling Award

The 19 largest Jewish Federations in the country are all run by men. At an annual retreat where this powerful old boys network meets to plot our community's future, the only women present are serving coffee. Thanks, guys, for shutting us out, proving that even in the 21st century, women still can't climb to the top of the decision-making ladder.

United Jewish Communities: The Dirty Money Award

Showing that it will abandon Jewish values for the right price, UJC recently accepted $1.5 million from Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, TX in support of Israel. Pastor Hagee regularly preaches that gays are going to hell, that abortion is ruining America, and that all Muslims are evil. Hats off to UJC for valuing money over civil rights and religious freedom.

Anti-Defamation League: The Sleeping With The Enemy Award

On September 23rd, 2003, ADL honored Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who only weeks before claimed that Mussolini "never killed anyone." Director Abe Foxman insists that Berlusconi's support of Israel is more significant than a few gaffes. But we think the 7,000 Jews Mussolini deported to concentration camps wouldn't agree.

Michael Steinhardt: The Lifetime of Dubious Achievement Award

He spends millions to send privileged students to Israel and uses his financial power at Hillel to prioritize kosher sushi rolling parties over a social justice agenda. Our sincerest thanks to Michael Steinhardt for promoting a Judaism utterly devoid of values.

Jewish Community Center of Manhattan: The Fear of Too Queer Award

Debby Hirshman spent a dozen years building a showplace JCC for the well-heeled Jews of Manhattan, and in the process emerged as one of the most powerful women in the Jewish community. Yet soon after she became more vocal about her lesbian identity, the JCC board forced her to resign. Congrats to the JCC for letting misogyny and homophobia triumph.

American Jewish Congress: The Modern Day McCarthy Award

Once vocal in the struggle for civil rights and the rights of immigrants and workers, AJCongress now endorses the conservative policies of Bush and Sharon. Following in the footsteps of Joe McCarthy, President Jack Rosen has fired progressive staff and closed branch offices whose politics do not conform to his vision. We congratulate AJCongress on their acrobatic ability: they swung from the left to the far right, and in record time.

Jewish Theological Seminary: The Locked Closet Award

JTS continues to deny rabbinic ordination to openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Jews. Queer rabbinical students at JTS have two choices: the closet or expulsion. Mazal tov, JTS, for turning countless talented and inspiring leaders away from the rabbinate for good.

Jewish Organizations Everywhere: The Rotten Family Values Award

The Jewish community claims to care about Jewish families, yet most of our organizations barely meet state minimums for maternity benefits. Those seeking paternity leave, on-site daycare, or adoption support must look outside the hypocritical Jewish community. Thanks for prompting us to be fruitful and multiply - but not if we want to keep our jobs.