On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Jewish Theological Seminaryís ordination of women, Jewish Women Watching presents...

The Conservative Movement:

Facing the future with two faces?

"The third core value [of Conservative Judaism] is an undiminished devotion to ... the ultimate significance of every single Jew." (1)

10% of Conservative synagogues donít count women as full participants. (4)

"asserting the equality of women, Conservative Judaism insists on respect for visionary change" (2)

The Conservative movement allows a pay gap of at least $10,000 between male and female rabbis in comparable positions. (5)

"[The Jewish Theological Seminary is] a Jewish university with a world-class faculty and a diverse student body" (3)

JTS will not knowingly admit "avowed homosexuals" to its rabbinical or cantorial schools.(6)

How can the Conservative Movement face itself if it can't face women and queers?
Sexism is a sin. Jewish Women Watching Click here to read Jewish Women Watching's hoaxing press release.

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