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Embracing the Treyf, or Kashering It
Mik Moore
September 25, 2007

Jewish Women Watching is out with another provocative campaign, this one for Sukkot. The theme, in their own words:

This Sukkot, as you leave your home and enter a temporary dwelling... Go beyond your comfort zone and demand real change. What's welcome in your Sukkah? Embrace The Treyf.

I found two of the posters/Sukkah decorations particularly interesting. Dividing items between Kosher ("pitying others, playing it safe") and Treyf (confronting ourselves, taking a risk), the first labels "Building houses in New Orleans during Spring Break" Kosher, while "Building the movement against gentrification in our cities" is Treyf. The second labels "Distribute meals at a soup kitchen on Mitzvah Day" Kosher, while "Distributing our resources so all families can provide for themselves" is Treyf.

The dichotomy represented by these examples is not necessarily about pitying others vs confronting ourselves, but it definitely does reflect the classic split between service on the one hand and advocacy/organizing/systemic change on the other. Although the implication is NOT that the kosher items are "bad" or unworthy, it does emphatically state that they are insufficient (ie: if you want "real change" look behind door number two). Kosher is good, but Treyf is great.

Ah, yes, treyf IS great, as those folks who eat treyf never tire of telling me.