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Jewish Women Watching Deliver on Jewish Continuity
Cole Krawitz
June 8, 2008

Thank you Jewish Women Watching (JWW)! This cracked me up. It's undoubtedly wedding season, and being in my late 20's, I'm filled to the brim with weddings, and babies and all the nice straight Jewish families with the nice straight Jews procreating (and yes, even a few queer ones). I love my family and friends and all, and happy to celebrate their joy and blessings-at the same time, it can also be much when the majority of what is represented back and celebrated holds so little of how the queer and trans folks I know live, and when I hear so many stories of straight women who struggle so quietly when they aren't able to have children, so I appreciate this from deep, deep, deep down. Have fun "delivering" this message tonight in NY at the JCC! L'chaim to y'all!

Though a holiday filled with dairy delights, many Shavuot gatherings in and around New York City have become "meat-markets" for young Jews. As we mark the Harvest this Shavuot, JWW will remind the public that the value of a Jewish woman extends beyond the fruits of her ovaries. JWW calls for a deliverance from the communal fixation on coupling for continuity. Please contact us if you know of any nice Jewish boys for them.