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February 22, 2006

Jewish Women Watching

No, this is not a Hebrew voyeuristic site. A couple years ago, a co-worker of mine introduced me to this organization whose mission is to challenge sexist beliefs within the Jewish community. Mainly, they fight against conservative policies supported by the Jewish community in regards to sex education, sexual discrimination, and women's reproductive rights. My initial exposure to Jewish Women Watching was with their "Strange Bedfellows" campaign in which they passed out condoms with little cards asking why the Jewish Community is politically in bed with the Christian right wing. Though I am not a part of the Jewish community, I thought that this was an amazing campaign. The part about the campaign that really reeled me in was the warning printed on the condom - "Warning: This condom will NOT protect you from the real intentions of the Christian right wing. ABSTINENCE FROM STRANGE BEDFELLOWS IS ADVISED." Though I think that abstinence-only programs in schools are a load of bunk, this is an abstinence program that is right up my alley!

JWW's latest project is called "Make a Buzz" - where they passed out vibrators at their NYC launch party on February 2nd at Babeland. This campaign highlights what we as citizens need to make a "buzz" about with our current administration's policies. The campaign discusses how current sex and reproductive issues by Bush administration, such as abstinence only programs, birth control issues, and the global gag rule (among others) are things that "kill your buzz." JWW is encouraging people to start making a "buzz" about the issues such as sex education, readily available birth control, women's medical care, and the topic of abortion. To Jewish Women Watching - Ladies, I must say - I dig your vibe.